Dutch magazine mentions Cardcetera, Postvriend & Droom Kleuren. Motivation postcards.

Six of my photos are being sold in the Cardcetera webshop as postcards.
(Available through Cardcetera)

Perfect novel for the holidays written by Nora Roberts and my photo is on the cover.

Dilmah Tea ad
Dilmah Tea ad in this season's edition of Cricket Heroes Magazine.

The Affair
Novel written by Colette Freedman. Cover by me.

Once More With Feelings
Novel written by Megan Crane with my photo on the cover.

101 Ways
The selection presented in the Impossible 101 Ways book shows a wide range of ideas what to do with an Impossible photo once ejected by your Polaroid camera. One of my photos is in this book.
(Available through The Impossible Project)

Watch Over Me
Watch Over Me is a beautifully written debut novel by Daniela Sacerdoti. My photo was used for the bookcover.

One of my photos was published as a cover in a Dutch magazine called Blad; a magazine about making magazines. They also included a small paragraph about my work and the photo was used on their website as well.

Bunnies for Bunnies
Bunnies for Bunnies is a book I put together with 21 other international artists. We brought our passion for photography and love for bunnies together. All the proceeds of this book will go to House Rabbit Society.
(Available through

Publications in Dutch photography magazine and website. Section: New talent.

Azclear is a sub brand of Ego Pharmaceuticals, which is an Australian owned company that produce skincare and pharmaceutical products. One of my photos was selected by their advertising agency AdMark and was used for the campagne ad.

Poetic Terrorism
'Poetic Terrorism' is a book of self-portraits by 37 international women artists. Two of my photos are published in this book which shares art and spreads beauty. Hélène Deroubaix, the author, selected these photos that will take you to another feminine fairy-tale world. All proceeds of this book will go to a charity that helps children in Nepal; Enfance Népal au Touvet.
(Available through

Razor Monkey Magazine
Two of my polaroids were published in this online magazine.